Verisimilitude— ver·i·si·mil·i·tude: the appearance of being real. 
This group's name is derived from the artistic definition of verisimilitude. It fits the objectives of the movement that the photography appears to be real.

A Verisimilitude photograph should exactly match the size, proportions and dimensions of the subject being photographed.  

A Verisimilitude photograph should exactly match the color of its subject. 
A Verisimilitude photograph should be shot with even lighting. 
A Verisimilitude photograph shot be fully in focus, using smaller openings  

There are three types of Verisimilitude photographs, Verisimilitude, Verisimilitude Combined, and Verisimilitude Staged.
Verisimilitude photographs match the color, size, detail, and dimensionality of the subject photographed. They are visually indistinguishable from the real object. They may or may not be framed.
Verisimilitude Combined
Verisimilitude Combined photographs incorporate Verisimilitude images in combination with traditional flat photography. 
Verisimilitude Staged
Verisimilitude Staged photographs incorporate Verisimilitude images into settings, The dimensional images are placed into settings and photographed or filmed. The result is a photograph within a photograph or within a video. The end result is a traditional flat image or with video.